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Yacht Delivery Process

It all starts when you call us 1-352-425-6430 or Request a Free Estimate.

If you call first, please complete the Yacht Delivery Estimate Request form as well. The information you provide enables us to work up an accurate estimate. We will follow up with a phone call to verify important details or obtain other necessary information.

Yacht Delivery US will calculate the distance, estimate boat speed & other variables, then provide you with an estimate for the delivery. When you are satisfied with the estimate we will send a contract for your review. If you are satisfied please sign and return it electronically along with the required deposit. We then commission the crew & make the necessary travel arrangements.

We would love to meet you at your boat before departure, especially if you’ve had the boat awhile (we can learn so much from an owner). If it’s not possible, we will speak via phone & confirm our arrival at the vessel. All necessary documents (ship registration, insurance, etc) must be onboard prior to departure.

OnBoard Your Vessel

Upon arrival at the vessel, we will inspect the vessel stem to stern, do our pre-departure engine & systems checks, & familiarize ourselves with the vessel. Once everything is in order, we will provision the boat & depart the following morning (weather permitting).

If the boat is not ready for sea, then Yacht Delivery US, on your behalf, will source any parts or items (ie: USCG required safety equipment; parts; filters; tools; etc…) & make the necessary repairs to make the ship ready for sea. If the crew cannot make the necessary repairs, with your permission and on your behalf, we will engage a professional mechanic or electrician to make the repairs.

Generally, a vessel’s route, is dictated by the weather, her fuel capacity & whether or not she can fit under a bridge height. On a delivery within the United States you can run inside (ICW) or outside (ocean). If your mast height is less than 65 feet we can run the ICW, but only during daylight hours. Most motor vessels need to refuel every 10-12 hours (unless the vessel is a trawler with a long fuel range) so whether she goes inside or outside she still wants to stop at night. This requires proper planning of the passage so as to arrive at a marina or suitable anchorage before dark.

A sailboat adds all kinds of interesting things into the mix. She often runs 24 hours a day for days on end & requires at least a three person crew; a captain, a mate and a deckhand. How much do we actually sail on a delivery? Unless it’s an ocean passage, a sailboat on a delivery is a “sailboat” in name only! Meaning that 80% of the time the iron sail (engine) is running. Every couple days or so, depending on the wind gods, she’ll need fuel. On longer trips we must sail and use fuel more sparingly.

If the sailboat is taller than 64 that means she’s going outside, & on the East Coast that means going around Cape Hatteras. NO BIG DEAL. We plan well & study the weather vigilantly before & during every delivery . We also have one of the top maritime weather briefers on call to advise us.

Arrival at Destination

We hope to meet you upon arrival at the destination point where we will put the boat in the slip, tie it off, put fenders out, remove all trash, tidy things up and give the lady a wash down. We will report problems, breakages, leaks, etc, that we encountered.

Delivery Complete

Final payment is now due. Crew travels home the next day.