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Boat Owner Training

Got a new Boat?

Captain Alex is certified RYA Cruising Instructor (sail) & shore-based Navigation Instructor. He can literally teach you the ropes! Actually there are no ropes on a boat, only “lines” & warps! He teaches boat handling and safety, providing new boat owners with the skills & confidence they need to safely operate in close-quarter situations, in channels and when entering or departing inlets.

If you’re joining the boat on the delivery you will become acquainted with the vessel’s systems, her capabilities and her limitations. From the planning stages through the execution of the passage, you will learn about navigation, weather, shallows, breakers and other tidbits of information that will make you a safer Captain of your new yacht.

If you are an experienced boater, upgrading to a larger vessel, then the time spent onboard with Captain Alex Santoriello will serve to let insurance companies know that you are a safe and capable operator.